A facebook record for a Hunny Video

A facebook record for a Hunny Video

A facebook record for a Hunny Video

Everyone loves to get likes and views on facebook. If you’re over 40, who would have ever dreamed of such a thing as facebook? Well, it’s here and we deal with it.

At Hunny we are trying to build our facebook audience so we can do the same thing we do on air, have fun with it. Every day we add new content. Most of the time it’s something fun, or something that makes you go aww.

Recently we had a giant thaw of ice and snow which caused a major back up on Stone Creek. The major backup caused some flooding at places like the little league and city league fields in Huntingdon.

Thanks to everyone who looked or shared it and thanks for taking time to check out Hunny103.com!

Sunday Jan. 14 2018 Ice Jam

Here is some drone footage of Detweiler Field. Temperatures to be in the high 20's to low 30's all week so I am guessing not much movement. It's strange when you are standing there you can hear the ice cracking up and down the valley. Sorry for the picture quality, the 9 degree temperature may have had something to do with it. I know it killed my battery quickly.

Posted by HUNNY 103 on Sunday, January 14, 2018

This leads to the record breaking video(above). One of the station employees, Rick Hamilton. (Which just happens to be me, the person writing this) took a drone and flew over the flooded area, which with the cold temperatures, turned into a giant ice pond. I posted the video on our facebook page. Wow did it take off. At the time of writing this, January 16th at 6 AM, the video had over 11 thousand views and over 200 people shared it. That’s pretty cool! We also had quit a few people start to follow us after watching the video. Another pretty cool thing.


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