Being a local Radio Station

Being a local Radio Station

Being a local Radio Station

By Rick Hamilton

So over the weekend I had one of many instances where I realized how fortunate it was to be back at my “hometown” radio station and I wanted to say thanks here.

I play music on the weekends. DJ, local weddings, parties and so on. At the event I was playing Friday I gave out my cell number and said if you have a request you can text it to me. I got several requests and as any DJ job I played some and some I didn’t . Not because one song was better than the other. Mainly because of time and not having a place to fit some of the songs in. The part that made me feel lucky to be back at a “hometown” radio station is after the event was over one of the people who had been texting me requests came to talk to me. She let me know that her husband was mad at me. He had requested ZZ Top’s song Legs and I didn’t play it. He said “I listen to him everyday and he didn’t play my request”. I don’t think he was really that mad but saying he listens everyday made me feel good about Hunny and that it is important that we are here and we see people in the community.

applebys_radiooSince coming back to Hunny I have made the comment to my bosses that every time I turn the mic on, I feel like I am talking to people I know. At the last radio station, although it covered a lot of the same area, I didn’t get that feeling. This would be the second reason that I feel fortunate to be back. I am grateful for that.

I have had a few people mention to me that they listen to a satellite station because it was free with their car or something like that. I can understand that, I guess, even though part of the big draw was that it was to be commercial free. The last time I heard  it they now have commercials and I think people still PAY for it. In any case, I tried looking at it from the other side of the mic. The DJ side. The dj that is sitting somewhere thousands of miles away. I wonder how they can talk about anything other than the latest happenings on Keeping up with the Kardashians or one of the awards shows or celebrity news? Who cares what some celebrity wore on the red carpet. I mean could he/she talk about the PRIDE wing off or the something happening at the local school, the little league parade or the amazing show a local high school put on?

Another bit of encouragement and appreciation I felt today, being a local radio station, is a text message I got from someone who use to listen, when hunny was on the 106.3 frequency, but couldn’t now, because the 103.5 signal did not reach her. At least that is what she thought. She sent the photo you see to the left of a new to her radio which made it possible for her to listen now. Thank you! By the way we have a lot of ways you can listen. Apps for your phone, online at this web site and if you have an Amazon Echo device, we are there as well.

Now for something I hope gets better.One of the things I am  responsible for is getting local charity events on the air and on this web site. Church functions, charity events and so on. I mention this because yesterday I saw a sign for a spaghetti dinner happening and I knew it was an event we did not have. The events section of this web site could be massive, but we need your help to get it there. If EVER you have an event for a charity or non profit. Get us that ASAP. We like to have it a couple weeks in advance but if you get it to us a day or two before we’ll still do our best to get word out.

With that I will say thanks again and thanks for letting “Hunny” radio be a part of your day.


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