So then this happened.. This is a scary story that I didn’t share in detail on the air, but wanted you to know about it and watch for it in an email near you.
Last Thursday morning when I was on the air, I got an email from someone. I was shocked at the email because in the heading of the email, it had my name and a password that I use. Not just any, but a password to one of the bank accounts I have. Scare me just a little. Then when I opened it and read it, it scared me more. It said it had put a software based keylogger on my computer it new my passwords and accessed my contacts list. You can read below what the person or persons said they were going to do. It really scared me that the password they said they had WAS a bank password.
Once I read it, I changed all my bank passwords as well as other sights that had anything to do with money or buying or anything to do with money (if a scammer gets my login for a dj chat message board, so be it). After I did the changes, I got my wife to do the same with her accounts. Needless to say, we were both a little shaken.
I did some research online as to how my password was in this email and was it a real email. I actually copied the text, all but my compromised password and pasted it into a google search. Sure enough it popped up on a lot of sites talking about scams. I went to a few of the sites and there it was. The exact same email I received. I was breathing easier at that moment. The articles said to do nothing, send nothing, do not respond.

So how did this person get my password? Well at some point it had been compromised but I didn’t know it. I did more searching and found on CNET.COM and article on how to check to see if your password has been leaked. I trust CNET so I used the web site they trusted to check my password. The site is called Have I Been PWNED? and it a place where you can check to see if you’ve been hacked, or has someone who has a password of yours.

I use a mac and didn’t worry a lot about my computer being hacked but this was a real scare and I have stepped up my online security. If you don’t, maybe you should consider it.¬† Below is a picture of the email. Password, of coarse blurred.


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