• Rick Hamilton
    Rick Hamilton

  • Nancy Plum
    Nancy Plum

    Nancy Plum has been heard on the air across the country from Chicago to Los Angeles and in the early 90s you may have heard her on a United Airlines flight hosting a popular music show in their sound system! She’s a total Beatles fan and loves all the music from that era along with the Rock and roll from the 70s.  She promises a blue plate special everyday at your lunch break so check her out on Honey 103.5!

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts

    It all started out making “mix tapes” for kids in my hometown of Freeburg. I was the guy who mastered the art of smooth transitions between songs on those blank cassette tapes and business was good! I eventually grew into the friend who would carry the giant stereo system, CD’s, tapes and records into the party, just so we had tunes. I’m a chicken wings and a cold beer kind of guy. Pittsburgh Steelers football isn’t just a sport to me, its like an obsession and I love music. Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Tom Petty, Prince to the Temps and Beach Boys.
    When I got a few hours of downtime, you’ll find me with my family, my wife Melissa, my little girl Alyson and of course our crazy dogs Mazie and Brittany.
    Follow me on:
    Facebook- facebook.com/markroberts0
    Twitter- https://twitter.com/mroberts923

    Instagram- @therealmarkroberts


  • Jennifer Wilde
    Jennifer Wilde

    Jennifer Wilde is an award-winning radio personality whose 25+ year career behind the microphone has spanned the United States (most notably the Denver, Colorado and Monterey, California markets.) She can currently be heard right here in Huntingdon on Hunny 103.5 (Weekdays, 7pm-midnight).